Mr Ken Anson

Consultant Urological Surgeon

Mr Ken Anson is a well respected clinical opinion leader. He embodies his patient-centred mission across all aspects of his practice. With over 23 years experience Ken remains a high volume surgeon with excellent clinical outcomes.

Mr Ken Anson has been providing world class care to urology patients in the United Kingdom for over 23 years. He has developed and introduced many new surgical techniques to help serve patients who suffer from urological issues such as urinary tract stone disease (kidney stones), endourology and sepsis in his urology practice. Mr Anson’s strong interest in urology research has kept his urology private practice on the world map.

Mr Anson is a leading specialist in the treatment of many urological conditions including urinary tract stone disease (kidney stones), ureteric obstruction, ureteric colic, laser surgery, lithotripsy (ESWL), endourology, urinary infections, sepsis, ureteric stents, haematuria, benign prostate and Hhperplasia.

Mr Anson is passionate about state-of-the-art technology and using minimally invasive surgical techniques to allow patients faster recovery time, lower surgical complication rates and an overall positive surgical experience for his patients.

Ken has published extensively on many areas of urology and lectures both nationally and internationally on these topics. Alongside his clinical work Ken has held important leadership roles at St George’s including serving as a Divisional Chairman for three years. He has recently been appointed as an Assessor for the Intercollegiate Examination in Urology and serves as the Royal College of Surgeon’s representative on the Intercollegiate Board Urology and regularly examines internationally as well. He has also been Clinical Lead for the Endourology Unit St George’s University Hospital for a number of years.